I just sold my salon, with County Business Sales (April 2020). A very smooth process and I was very happy with the price I achieved and the service I received from my agent, Darren. Thank you and I wish you all the best during this difficult period.
Ruth Jacobs – Ultimate Hair and Beauty

Ruth J

I was very content with all services. I had 3 Hair salons and County Business Sales sold all 3. I will use them again without question and am very happy to give a nice review for them.

Savinder K

We purchased a salon through County Business Sales we found them very helpful and supporting and in contact every step of the way. Would highly recommend them. Thank you.

Carmelo F

I’ve dealt with Darren and Mark as both a buyer and a seller – of the same business!! What I can say is that they were excellent and went above and beyond on all fronts from start to finish.
As a buyer I absolutely love the transparency in terms of how they operate. Having tried a few other agents I felt very let down by how money focused the others seemed to be – always spinning me a yarn about the level of interest my sale was generating and encouraging me to keep the price high or to drop it to levels I was uncomfortable with. I felt pressured and I didn’t feel they were being straight with me on many fronts. However with County Business Sales – even their referencing system tells you exactly when the business was first advertised so you know how long it has genuinely been on the market and are able to track any price increases/decreases. They are the ONLY firm that are this transparent on that front. They were also VERY realistic with me even if it meant telling me things that I didn’t want to hear. I preferred their honest approach instead of just trying to retain my business by giving false hope.
They were always honest about whatever they didn’t know and would work hard to fill in the blanks. They were also very upfront and proactive in sharing whatever they did know and often it was invaluable information.
Their pricing structure is also very transparent and honest and was the lowest price of all the agents I spoke with.
In short they were not there to take advantage of the buyer or seller but to facilitate as positive an outcome for both sides as possible. And they know their stuff !….
When a few years later I came to sell the business – I didn’t hesitate to sign up with Mark & Darren again because the trust was established and I had seen how they dealt with me as a buyer but also seen 1st hand how they dealt with the person I was buying from. They represented the sellers interests positively to me as the buyer so it was clear that there was no game playing. As facilitators go – they are excellent as a few times when there was a sticking point between my solicitor and the other sides solicitor, they were on hand to suggest strategies to smooth things over – and they always worked!!
If you want a no nonsense and positive approach to selling or buying a business with a team you can trust and depend on then I can’t recommend Mark and Darren highly enough.

Vivienne N

I cannot speak highly enough of County Business Sales. Right from my first call to them I felt assured I was in very good hands. I was selling my restaurant and unfortunately due to a very difficult landlord my sale was problematic. Darren (one of the Directors) of County Business Sales though really kept things moving along when at times I felt the sale was doomed. Responses to my queries have always been lightning quick and they are extremely knowledgeable…landlords and Solicitors trying their luck does not get past these guys! I previously tried to sell the business myself on ebay to save a few quid on commissions…big mistake and got nowhere. County Business Sales were very reasonable considering the work put into my sale and the most important thing is they got me completion. Great people, great service and I wouldn’t consider using anyone else in the future.

Dan B

A long and stressful process, mind you, you did warn me! Thanks for everything and i hope you enjoy the present I left.
For anyone looking to go through all this by themselves, think again. It’s better to pay out for an agent who knows all the problems and complications than try and do it all yourself and potentially lose the sale.
Thanks and best wishes. Great service and thank you for putting up with my out of hours phone calls.

Kelly B

Thanks, a big thank you for all your help. It was a long journey but your services were amazing. Thank you very much.

Monika C

“A service that was there every step of the way, couldn’t have done it without them! Would 100% recommend.”

Jo R

Outstanding- County Business Sales have just completed a sale with my company and I’m a happy man. They pushed it all the way, despite a LOT of difficulties with Landlord and Solicitors. Cheers Darren and Mark, I owe you a few beers.

Paul L

Thanks guys for selling my beauty salon, it was quite stressful but very happy with the outcome and I certainly couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks again.

Karen B

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