What can County Business Sales do for you?

Looking to sell your business? Want an easier sale? Two words for you – Business. Broker.

Business Brokers are people that are going to help you with the process of selling your business. Now, it’s a statistical fact that selling a business isn’t easy, in fact 4 out of 5 businesses that don’t use a broker do not sell. But a business broker will make your life an awful lot easier.

So, you’re probably wondering what we can do for you

No Call Centres

With us specifically, we don’t use call centres. The entire sale will be personal, from your initial valuation through to end point of sale. Feel reassured knowing we’re there to answer any queries or questions you may have along the journey.

No Sale, No Fee

Brokers can be compensated for their services in three ways, this includes either an hourly rate, a fixed fee for starting a service with them – an upfront cost – or a commission upon closing of the sale.

At County Sales Business Yorkshire, we take the latter; If we don’t sell your business you literally don’t owe us a thing. If we don’t do our job properly, why should you pay for it? A lot of business brokers will try charge you an upfront cost, we don’t believe in it. It is as simple as no sale, no fee. And if we do sell, yay! You’ve successfully sold your business!


We offer a service that is as confidential as it can be. We understand you may want to keep some things restricted but we don’t want to restrict information so much that your advert gets overlooked. If we feel a buyer is interested enough, upon request we can send them a confidentiality agreement to sign before we disclose certain information – like your trading name or accounts.

Close up of young couple signing contract

If you’re worried about making your employees nervous to know that you’re selling your business there are some things you can do to keep it a secret a little longer, until you’ve actually found a buyer.

Call your business broker on your personal mobile, this way employees won’t answer the business phone and be shocked to find out you’re throwing the towel in. Answer any calls in private.

Use an email that staff do not have access to when replying to your broker. If you leave your computer to go to a meeting or even just lunch, lock it just in case. If you leave your email open it’s so easy for a staff member to scan your screen.

Another way we try to protect your privacy is by taking viewings strictly by appointment only. As well, they’ll typically only take place after business hours.

Realistic Valuations

We’ll provide you with a realistic valuation of what we think your business is worth.

Some brokers will inflate the value so that you’ll go with them because it sounds appealing. We’ll give you a value that we can actually pull through on.

Worth it?

We’d say so!  At the end of the day, a business broker is going to make your life easier, the sale a lot smoother and it’s always good in general to have an expert at hand to help you out.  There’s no harm in enquiring – give us a call! Or Email. Just get in touch.


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