With everything that’s happening in the world right now due to COVID-19 and the unpredictability that lockdowns pose, you might be considering selling your catering business or starting a new venture, maybe even retiring. Don’t know how you’d go about it? Country Business Sales Yorkshire can help! We’ve put together the top 5 most frequently asked questions.

Why hire a Business Transfer Agent?
We understand that selling a catering business can be complicated. It can be difficult to find potential buyers, and then there’s sorting out who is actually interested and who is wasting your time. You could advertise on a business sales website but that could take months and there is no certainty that you’ll secure a buyer, additionally it could cost you to do so.

Hiring an agency, like ourselves, will take away a lot of that stress.

We’ll pay for all advertising, as well as speaking with interested parties and ruling out anyone that it seems as though it’s going nowhere with. Selling your food, bakery, butchers, whatever business it is has never been easier, with us!

What are our fees?
Our fees vary depending on your business, but they are always competitive. We also work on a no sale no fee basis. Our agency agreements are usually 6 months and if your business has not sold by the end of it, you don’t owe us a penny. You do not pay if we are unsuccessful selling your business though charges may apply cancelling contracts mid-term.

How will we market your business?
We’ll consider your unique selling point. If there is something that sets your catering business apart from the rest, we’ll make sure to advertise it. For example, you may brand yourself as the best caterer in a specific culinary category, like vegetarianism or independent bakeries. We’ll use this information to create more targeted advertisements and bring in buyers. We’ll upload these to our own website and as many as twenty professional industry websites. We also use our very extensive database of prospective purchasers throughout our regional offices. If we can’t find you a buyer, who can?

How do we value your business?
We provide a realistic valuation, rest assured that we will not inflate the value just to get an upfront fee. Our valuation will be based on things such as the location of your catering business, the premises, the trading accounts and most importantly our experience of what the market will bear. Not happy with it? No worries, we can discuss marketing your business at a different figure, always making sure that it is realistic and competitive in todays market.

So Why us?
To put it simply; we’re the top transfer agent in Yorkshire! We know all about Yorkshire’s local business landscape, we use this local market knowledge alongside national and international marketing to drive you to success. Why put yourself through the stress of selling yourself when we can do it for you. Don’t fret, we’ll guide you through everything and be here every step of the way, we can also recommend solicitors and liaise with landlords. With no upfront cost, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain! It’s no loss either way and we can suggest compromises to situations that would otherwise lead to the sale collapsing. Don’t risk that, contact us today!

For more info: Call- 01904 295555, Email- andrew@countybusinesssales.co.uk and/or Download Our Brochure

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